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News and announces

Support for active/passive 3D monitors on Windows 10

3D monitors with OpenGL page flipping mode can be used with Delta/Digitals software in Windows 7 (32/64bit) and Windows 10 (32/64bit). An nVidia Quadro or AMD RadeonPRO WX-Series videocard is required.

See installation guide >>>

3DPluraView graphic cards | nVidia 3D Vision products

Support for Leica ADS40/ADS80 sensor in «Delta/Digitals» software

Images from Leica ADS40 and ADS80 pushbroom cameras (Level 1) can be used for 3D stereo mapping, orthophoto, etc with the latest version of Ged program.

See details >>>

Using on-line satellite image services Google Maps and Virtual Earth

Now with Delta/Digitals software one can load easily on-line satellite images as a raster background for your vector map. Automatic on-the-fly transformation automatically transforms the raster to a defined map projection/reference system.

These images can be used to check your data, make collection, create flight mission layouts, etc. Once downloaded the images are stored in cache and then will be available in off-line for all your LAN users.

To use the new possibility, download the latest Ged program and use Raster|Download From the Internet main menu command.

Three-Dimensional perspective view in Digitals

Now any opened in Digitals map can be represented as a 3D-scene that can be rotated and moved to look on it from different sides. 

This view mode (View|3-Dimensional) is very convenient to check height assignment errors.

Objects can be selected and point list can be edited in 3D-mode.

To use the new possibility just download the new version of Ged program.

Automatic radiometric balancing of ortho-fragments for seamless mosaic

The orthophoto module was improved by an original, fully automatic and quite an efficient algorithm to remove color difference of orthophoto fragments in block to create nice looking seamless mosaic.
The correction (Ortho|Seam Remover...) is done on-the-fly allowing user to check its result before saving changes to raster images.

Download the latest Ged.exe version

Read step-by-step instruction on our forum

Original raw mosaic

Click to enlarge

Mosaic after correction

Click to enlarge

OpenGL stereo-driver for nVidia GeForce 6 based cards

The new driver does not provide backward compatibility and thus cannot be used with GeoForce 5 and lower series. Please use it for GeForce 6 videocards only.
Download the GeForce 6 stereo-driver.

New OpenGL stereo-mode with fixed cursor

Stereo mode that uses 3D-shuters was redesigned to provide fixed cursor and scrollable images. This mode is thoroughly familiar to DPS "Delta" operators that use stereoscope instead of glasses. Now both modes (stereoscope and shutters) have the same behavior.
There are no changes in settings needed to activate the new possibility. Just download the new versions of Ged, Models and Triada.

XXth ISPRS congress. Istanbul, 12-23 July 2004

Pictures of Analytica/Geosystem & Wehrli booth on the exhibition


Stereodriver for nVidia GeForce 2/4/FX is available

The video driver for Windows 2000/XP provides page-flipping stereomode for all cards with shutters based on nVidia GeForce chipsets. Support for GeForce 4 Ti and GeForce FX cards was added.

Recommendations for 3D shutter-glasses

As far as ASUS Deluxe series videocards, supplied with 3D-glasses, are not available anymore we propose the alternative variant. This is not expensive E-D Glasses of eDimensional, that can be used with any nVidia videocard, based on Geforce (256,2,3,4) chipset with 32 Mb RAM. There are two models of the glasses available: wired and wireless (with IR emitter).

The glasses can be bought on the manufacturer's site:

Additionally, active wireless 3D-glasses NuVision 60GX and stereoscopic screen with polarized glasses NuVision 21SX were tested. Both models also can be used with any Geforce based videocard.

Additional information is available on the manufacturer's site:

  Download the driver (StereoXP.exe 6.4Mb)
  Release notes

Color photogrammetric scanner-automat "DeltaScan-3-Auto" is in production

The new model is based on well-known "DeltaScan-3" production line, which is been producing since early 1998.
The new model has computer controlled motorized film-roll system.
Whole film can be scanned with no attention of operator with the new automatic scanner.
The scanning software main features are:
multiply jobs/setups per film;
automatic frame-edge search;
full film prescan mode;
films with arbitrary numerated frames;

Scanner technical specification
Scanning software features

BlockMSG and Photocom bundle adjustment programs integrated with Delta software

Block adjustment and analyzing with Delta have never been so quick and easy as now.

Triada at present fully supports on-line triangulation process. With a single mouse click operator can adjust block, obtain residuals and make absolute orientations for all the block images.

Both bundle adjustment programs included to Delta software can be used as adjustment engine or in interactive mode. Having very competitive price the BlockMSG and PhotoCom give accuracy and reliability. Both can use projection centers, adjust big complicated blocks with holes and ties, etc. Programs has no special requirements to location and order of photogrammetric and ground/control points.

BlockMSG was developed by doctor of science Sergey Mogilniy from Donetsk and Photocom by doctor of sciense Ivan Antipov from Novosibirsk who are the lead experts in photogrammetry and bundle adjustment.

  Download BlockMSG working demo (has 10 photos and 10 ground points per block limitation)
  Download Photocom working demo
  Download the latest Triada.exe version (use Tools|Options|Save|Bundle adjustment engine to set up)
Download BlockMSG manual (MS Word format | Adobe Acrobat format)

When you install BlockMSG or Photocom to a separate folder run Triada and go to Tools|Options|Save|Bundle adjustment engine where locate path to it.
Then new BlockMSG (Photocom) item will appear in Triada main menu. Check Conjunctions submenu can be used to make block construction and return residuals which is shown in Analyzer. Interactive Adjustment submenu is used to run construction/adjustment process. Upon finishing adjustment/analysis the adjusted coordinates will be loaded shown in Triada. Once you click "OK" button the block orientation will be performed. Adjust Block submenu works similar, but performs adjustment in fully automatic (hidden) mode and also return to Triada adjusted coordinates.

Digital photogrammetric station now supports wide range 3D-shutters in Windows 2000

New OpenGL stereo interface now allows to use almost any of popular shutter-glasses which are available on market.

Stereo mode now implemented in image window and operator can use standard Windows interface during operation in 3D-mode.
Supported resolutions up to 1280x1024x120Hz in page flipping mode.

New software tested on popular graphic cards of nVidia Geforce and Quadro families, such as ELSA Synergy 2000, ASUS 6800/7700/8200.

Elsa 3D revelator or native ASUS glasses can be used for observation.

New software release compatible with other graphic cards listed at

  Download Ged.exe (use Tools|Options|Hardware|Stereointerface to switch to OpenGL mode)
  Download Models.exe (use Control|OpenGL Glasses in Absolute Orientation)
  Download Triada.exe (use Tools|Options|General|Stereointerface to switch to OpenGL mode)

  Download Windows 2000 video driver for ASUS 6800/7100/7700/8200 (6.00Mb)
After installation switch to Display properties dialog box onto Settings tab. Then click Advanced button. Switch onto the page with the name of your video chipset (GeForce DDR, for example). Click on the Additional Properties button. Switch onto the OpenGL options tab and set the Enable Quadro Stereo API checkbox.
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