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Digital Camera (Airborne Scanner) «3-DAS-1»
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Color Photogrammetric Scanner «DeltaScan»
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«Analytica» Ltd

600-letia 25, Vinnitsa
21027, Ukraine
tel: +380432 56-06-03, 60-54-32


About the company

"Analytica" in cooperation with "Geosystem" develops and produces color photogrammetric scanners and digital photogrammetric stations. We have more than twenty years experience in this field.

Since 1987 we have developed five models of analytical photogrammetric stations and produced more than 200 such instruments.

In 1995 we finished the development of digital photogrammetric station with high precision scanner. Since 1998 we have been producing color photogrammetric scanners with automatic roll film scanning. We have produced and sold hundreds of scanners and digital photogrammetric stations.

Our products were exposed on the exhibitions:

"Geological prospecting", Moscow, 1990
"Optics-92", Moscow, 1992
"Ukraine - USA", Las Vegas, 1993
"XVIII ISPRS Congress", Vienna , 1996
"International Cartographic Conference", Stockholm, 1997
XIX ISPRS Congress, Amsterdam, July 2000
XX ISPRS Congress, Istanbul, July 2004
XXI ISPRS Congress, China, July 2008

Our instruments are working in USA/Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, South Korea, India, Australia, Egypt, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Cuba, China, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Russia, Byelorussia, Romania, Croatia, Slovakia, Armenia, Moldova and Ukraine.

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