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Digital Camera (Airborne Scanner) «3-DAS-1»
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Digital Camera (Airborne Scanner) «3-DAS-1»

High resolution trilinear pushbroom airborne scanner with true RGB forward-nadir-backward channels

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Features and benefits

Complete digital photogrammetric workflow without film development, scanning, etc.

Contiguous seamless images for whole strip with permanent triple overlay.

Three RGB-sensors from Kodak provide crystal bright 42-bit images.

Realtime Image view and automatic selection of optimal exposition during the flight.

Unlimited flight capture time with hot swap RAID storage units.

On-the-fly lossless compression allows up to 16 hours of capture per terrabyte.

Selectable stereo for 3D-mapping with 16°, 26° or 42° convergence angle.

Simple and robust design for easy maintenance.


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Conclusion of Ukrainian scientific research institute of geodesy and cartography

Image samples

Flight project sample in Leica ADS40 L1 format

Ground sample distance 0.07 m (flight scale 1:8000)

Ground sample distance 0.11 m (flight scale 1:12000)

Ground sample distance 0.14 m (flight scale 1:15000)

Ground sample distance 0.23 m (flight scale 1:25000)

Flight project sample (GSD 0.09 m, 4 strips, stereo)

Technical specification



Flying height, m


Swath width, m


Ground sample distance, cm


Number of simultaneous RGB channels


Radiometric resolution, bit


Angles between nadir and forward channel, degree


Focal distance, mm


Field of view (across the strip), degree


Line rate, Hz


Power requirements

DC 28V/15A

Weight, kg (net/whole system with stabilized platform and PC)


CCD sensor properties


Active elements


Pixelsize, microns



The family of pushbroom cameras

There are many other cameras in addition to 3-DAS-1 with different number of RGB and Infrared modules and various inclination angles between the modules. 4-DAS-1 camera has additional NIR channel in nadir along with three RGB channels. Large format 3-DAS-2 has six channels and provides double scanning swath width. 3-OC-1 and 6-OC-1 are oblique cameras and were developed to create textured 3D-city models. These cameras have 45 degree inclined backward/forward and left/right channels.

Comparison table with technical specifications for all DAS series cameras >>>


Camera software

Provides flight planning and flight management with trajectory control.

Allows viewing captured images and changing parameters during the flight.

Creates and process raw and compressed 16/8 bit images of unlimited size.

Performs calibration and postprocessing for image rectification by GPS/IMU data.

Provides automatic and semiautomatic DEM extraction for orthophoto.

Creates seamless orthophoto mosaics with automatic color balancing.

Allows 3D vector mapping.


Integration interface to popular IMU/GPS such as Applanix POSAV, Novatel SPAN, IGI AEROcontrol and Leica IPAS20.

Servo stabilized platform is included (Leica PAV30 can be used instead as an alternative).

System components

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