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Mapping and cartography
software «Digitals»
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Mapping and cartography software «Digitals»

The mapping software is designed for creation/revision of topographic and special maps, map publishing, urban cadastre and land management, solving special tasks.
Provides unlimited possibilities for creating/editing/revising of digital maps.
Supports 3D-input from DPS «Delta» and external formats.

Basic cartographic engine supports

  • Unlimited list of layers that define the appearance of objects: line and fill attributes, associated cartographic symbol and other properties;
  • Unlimited number of object parameters (database fields) and a possibility of arbitrary placement of their values on the map as captions
  • Editable library of vector cartographic symbols that contains ordinal, linear, linear-oriented, linear-scalable and areal symbols;
  • Changeable order in which layers or single objects are displayed;
  • WYSIWYG mode: the map is displayed on the screen just as it will be output on a printer, plotter, to BMP file;
  • Saving maps along with its attributes in a single file.

Draft view mode

        Draft view (basic digital model) and visual settings for objects

        Page layout mode utilizes all the attributes of objects

Software features

Multidocument interface with support for standard Copy, Cut and Paste operations within a window or between multiple windows;
Group selection/search of objects by any combination of parameters, performing any operations on the all selected objects simultaneously;
Possibility to enrich with cartographic symbols, color attributes, etc. digital maps created in other systems;
Support for DWG, DXF+DBF, Shape, DGN, MID/MIF, ASCII, etc. formats;
Creating arbitrary types of frames and legends and automatic insertion them into maps;
Creating map templates.

Mapping by using raster images or stereoplotter

Supports data collection over scanned maps and single photos in TIFF and BMP formats;
Works with black-and-white and color images up to 4 Gb large on standard computers;
Collection using templates of standard object types, automatic polygon assembling;

Panel for quick selection of favorite layers
Automatic snap to lines/points of existing objects in collection mode;

Relief-related functions

Creating a regular DEM-grid based on spot-heights and/or contourlines;
Building contourlines using a previously created DEM;
Contourline Interpolation;
Reassigning height to all map objects based on spot-heights and/or contourlines;

Cadastre and land management

Creation of cadastral maps and schemes;
Filling database fields for every object with a search function;
Creation of reports, land distribution lists, custom graphic and text documents;
Automatic area calculation, adjustment of measuring units and formatted output;
Interaction with office applications.

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