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Digital Camera (Airborne Scanner) 3-DAS-1
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Color Photogrammetric Scanner «DeltaScan»
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Color Photogrammetric Scanners "DeltaScan"

There are different scanner models on the same mechanical basis. All scanners have the same resolution, geometric and radiometric parameters, etc. First, professional model has fully automatic film-roll system, second, has manual roll. All the models can scan cut images.
Standard scanner model is intended for roll-films up to 250 mm wide and 168 mm in diameter. It can scan cut images up to 260x260 mm in size. Special, large size model is intended for 300x470 mm cut images and 300 mm wide films.


Scanner brochure   :::   Full resolution scanned photo

Technical specification

CCD Pixel size


Geometric resolution 


Geometric accuracy (RMS) 

2m (high precision model)
3m (general purpose)

Maximum optical density 


Optical density range


Radiometric resolution

42/24 bits

Maximum scanning area 

260x260 mm (standard model)
320x470 mm (large format model)

Maximum roll diameter

168 mm 

Roll film scanning 

Up to 250 mm wide (standard model)
Up to 300 mm wide (large format model)


Color SONY 3x5300x8

Light source 

Power LED array
(optional secondary IR LED array
for dust & scratch removal unit)

Output formats 

Tiled TIFF, Tiled TIFF(JPEG), TIF 6.0 
Color 42/24bit, b/w 14/8bit

Typical scanning time for standard 230x230 mm photo

Pixel size, 

Black-and-white 14/8bit

Color 42/24bit

8 8 788 14 2368
12 6 350 10 1050
16 5 197 8 592
20 4 126 7 378

Geometric parameters

The scanner provides a high resolution, which is 8 m (3175dpi).

Root mean square error of scanning does not exceed 3 m. The value of root mean square error is determined by scanning and measuring the control grid;

Scanner is supplied with a unit for scanning roll films up to 250 mm wide (300 mm for 300x450 model).

Radiometric parameters

Scanner is equipped with a SONY color linear CCD-sensor and a light source based on a power LED array: components that provide superb quality of output images;

Controller of the CCD-sensor provides an internal 12-bit storage for intensities within each color channel that is transformed by hardware into 8-bit output;

Scanner provides scanning of both color and black-and-white materials and the scanning software stores output as True Color (42 bit) or gray scale (14 bit) image files;

The scanning software automatically detects optimal values of exposition, contrast and gamma for each color channel;

Scanner can perform scanning in two modes: density linear and intensity linear, which provide optimal results for photographs of any quality;

Scanning time for a 230x230 image in True Color mode at a 16 m pixel size is 15 minutes;

Scanning time for a 230x230 image in grayscale mode at a 16 m pixel size is 6 minutes.

Scanning software

Works in single image or batch mode (for automatic model);

Supports scanning to TIFF (uncompressed or JPEG) and BMP formats where the pixel size is 8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,32 128 m;

Contains a powerful unit for correction and transformation of output images and automatic inner orientation.

  See Photogrammetric Scanner software page for more details about the scanning program


Low resolution image samples: aerial 1:5000 and satellite falsecolor..

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