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Digital Camera (Airborne Scanner) «3-DAS-1»
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Digital Photogrammetric Station «Delta»

Provides creation/revision digital maps and orthophotos from raster images.


The photogrammetric station is based on a standard Intel-compatible computer working on Windows 98/ME/2000/XP system. The software supports video modes from 1024x768xHiColor to 1600x1200xTrueColor.

Can work with stereoscope (split screen mode) or OpenGL 3D-shutters (page flipping mode).

The station provides a fixed floating mark and scrollable images in split-screen mode; this functionality does not require any special hardware support.

Users can move the floating mark with a classic handwheels/footdisk combination and/or with the mouse.

Stereoscope or stereo shutter glasses can be used for observation.

One micron encoders and 3D digitize with subpixel accuracy.


Orientation program

Provides management of camera and ground point lists;
Semiautomatic orientation of single photos or stereo models;
Full error control and correction on each orientation stage;
Works with aerial and satellite images of central and panoramic projection;

Mapping software

Works both with stereo models and with single photos using a DEM;
Data collection over a stereo model or single photo;
Can be used for digitalization of orthophotos or scanned maps;
Three-dimensional superimposition of vector data on raster images;
Automatic and semiautomatic DEM extraction, building and interpolation of contourlines;
Fully customized layers, symbols, object parameters and other map attributes;
Collection using templates of standard object types, automatic creation and addition of polygons;
Automatic snap to points/lines of existing objects in collection mode;
Works with black-and-white and color raster images up to 4Gb large on standard computers;
Supports popular vector formats: DXF+DBF, MID/MIF, Shape, DGN, DWG, ASCII;
Online coordinate exchange with other programs via TCP/IP or COM-port.

Data collection over a stereo model or single photo

  See DPS «Delta» Software page for more details about the DPS programs

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