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Analytical Photogrammetric Station "Stereoanagraph"
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Analytical Photogrammetric Station «Stereoanagraph»

High precision stereoplotter for mapping and triangulation


Supports processing of aerial and satellite images of up to 300x300mm. Root mean square error of coordinate measurement does not exceed 3 microns. The instrument provides continuous change of zoom and floating mark size.
The analytical photogrammetric station is based on a standard Intel-compatible computer running under Windows operating system.

Orientation software

Camera and ground point list management;

Inner, relative and absolute orientation of photos;

Automatic movement into the ground point zones;

Full error control and correction on each orientation stage;

Works with aerial and satellite photographs of central projection.

Data collection for triangulation

Uses the modes for physical or electronic point marking with Base-In/Base-Out switching;

Full error control by parallaxes and tie-point errors during measurement;

Output to different formats.

Basic mapping software

Creation and revision of multilayer vector maps;

Three-dimensional representation of objects in geodetic coordinate system during collection;

Export into DXF format or online coordinate output to other systems via a COM-port.

Technical specification

Maximal format

300х300 mm

Focal distances of photos


Overlay zone


Geometric resolution

1 µm

Geometric accuracy, RMS

±3 µm

Continuous zoom range




The diameter of the floating mark

25-100 µm

Image rotation

360 deg

Control computer


Power requirements


Power consumption

150W (Max)


250 kg

Dimensions, mm


«Digitals» mapping software

Customizable layers, cartographic symbols, object parameters, etc.

Creation, editing and printing of topographic maps according to the requirements;

Creation of cadastral and special maps and preparation of topographic data for GIS;

Open, well-documented format, export to DXF+DBF, MID/MIF and ASCII files;

32-bit MDI application for Windows

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