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APS «Stereoanagraph» software (Intel/Windows 98/ME)

Basic DOS-software includes triangulation data collection and orientation.
The second computer is running «Digitals» for stereo plotting and mapping.
Includes real-time stereo processor with COM-port output.

Orientation software

Camera and ground point list management;
Inner, relative and absolute orientation of photos;
Automatic movement into the ground point zones;
Full error control and correction on each orientation stage;
Works with aerial and satellite photographs of central projection.

Data collection for triangulation

Uses the modes for physical or electronic point marking with Base-In/Base-Out switching;
Full error control by parallaxes and tie-point errors during measurement;
Output to different formats.

Basic mapping software

Creation and revision of multilayer vector maps;
Three-dimensional representation of objects in geodetic coordinate system during collection;
Export into DXF format or online coordinate output to other systems via a COM-port.

«Digitals» mapping software

Customizable layers, cartographic symbols, object parameters, etc.
Creation, editing and printing of topographic maps according to the requirements;
Creation of cadastral and special maps and preparation of topographic data for GIS;
Open, well-documented format, export to DXF+DBF, MID/MIF and ASCII files;
32-bit MDI application for Windows.

  See APS specificationfor more information.

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